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Since 1999 I've created and taught courses in computer science at University of California Santa Cruz Extension for audiences from respected Silicon Valley companies. Some of the companies for which my students have worked are listed below.

Student Comments

At the end of most courses that I teach, students have the opportunity to rate the course and write detailed, anonymous comments that I get to view later. I'm proud that my courses consistently receive ratings above 4.5 on a 5.0 scale. Here are some comments that I've received from students.

This instructor rocked! I've taken other courses from UCSC Extension and universities on the East Coast. Kyle stands out as an outstanding instructor. Best I've had in high tech.
Kyle is the best instructor I've had so far at UCSC Extension – clearly the best course out of the seven that I have attended.
Kyle was able to cut through the C++ verbiage and show exactly how and why various object-oriented features are used. He shared useful insights instead of reiterating information easily found in books. That alone was worth the cost of the class.
Kyle's lectures are excellent. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject are apparent, and he has a great interaction with the class.
This class was very detailed and contained lots of examples and explanations for the code. Kyle really worked hard at making sure students understood the subject matter.
Congrats! I've taken a dozen classes in Java and C++, and yours was the best. Classroom management was great. On time starts, on time at the breaks. Good use of two and a half hours. Properly managed questions not of general interest. The homeworks helped expand my understanding of the topic. Thanks for running a great class.

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