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From the user interface for the Apple iPod to flight planning systems used by Southwest Airlines, FedEx, and airlines around the world, I've had the privilege of working on many exciting projects for a wide variety of companies. You can check out a few examples of my work below.

I currently work on mobile apps for, which run on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. I've also worked on mobile web apps in the past.


Yahoo! was the most visited destination on the Web and the place I worked for several years doing user interface development. Some of the software I've written for Yahoo! runs more than a billion times per day.

Apple iPod

I helped develop the user interface for the original Apple iPod way back in 2001 at a startup called Pixo. It was all very hush hush.


Prior to working on the Apple iPod, I worked on user interfaces and application software for other mobile devices. The vision was to create apps for small devices using well known and open Internet technologies (e.g., JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.). It's not as unique a vision today, but it was a bit of a coup at the time.


JetPlan is a flight planning system from Jeppesen (Boeing) used around the world. A few of the US airlines using it include Southwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and FedEx. It's also used by Air Force One, which is the US President's airplane. I worked on this system for several years doing user interface development.

These are a just a few examples of my software development projects. Contact me for more information about whether I can help with your project. You can also check out my books and courses.

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